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About Us

I was lucky growing up in the south and I have such pride in being a Southerner. One of the reasons is because within a few steps of anywhere in the south you can find GREAT food and on the very, tippy top of that list is BARBQ. Fast forward a few years, I graduated from a Southern college and began my career in my chosen field working for a holding company that “held” the company of my boss. I was passionate about what I loved doing and in turn had more success than I could have ever imagined. But as you have probably already guessed, over time, things changed. I still loved what I did, but I was achieving someone else’s dream. I began to wonder what my dream job would look like. In 2014, I began to put my passion into The Southern Sauce Company and I have stayed true to the memories of growing up eating barbq with sticky fingers and a smudge of sauce on my chin. Now the barbq purists will no doubt say that real barbq “don’t need no sauce.” But, I beg to differ. An outstanding sauce needs great barbq. It doesn’t matter what kind-chain barbq, family-owned barbq, backyard barbq, competition barbq-well, you get the idea. My dream job is sharing sauces with customers, just like you! And you know what they say, “if you truly love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life!”